Argan oil uses

Learn All About Argan Oil Uses

Today’s Topic is going to be all about Argan oil. I love Argan oil and I started incorporating Argan oil into my skincare routine. Back in November or December that’s when I first used Argan oil, it changed my skin forever and I have oily skin. I feel like it helps me out with controlling my skin. If you dehydrate your skin, you’re going to get your skin even more oily. Argan oil just makes my skin look a lot clearer, it just looks more radiant, bright and just youthful and it’s just amazing. I was about  13 or 14 years old or maybe even younger when I fell off my bike. I had a lot of scars on my face. Then, my mother told me that I have to put oils that contain vitamin E on my face every single night.

Argan oil for your face

I was looking for a good product that is to skin to hide my scars. For something powerful for my skin. I used a lot of products, products that contain vitamin E. I was not satisfied with the results because I used those products but with no progress. Later on, I traveled to another city and I met a friend of mine from Morocco. My friend told me that there is a good product that contains oil. I bought Argan oil, and I used it. I started to use it every night before bedtime before I go to sleep. After two weeks, the results were so amazing. My black spots and my scars started to disappear.

The first way to use Argan oil is to apply it all over your face and make sure to massage very well. You need do these little massaging techniques to just stimulate blood flow all over your face especially your forehead. It does not get all over the pillows or anything because it absorbs really quickly. When you wake up, your skin will look very moisturized, radiant and healthy. The way you always want your skin to look, you’ll get it with Argan oil.  You can also use Argan oil on your lips.

Argan oil for your lips

You can also use Argan oil for your lips. Put a little bit on your lips, don’t put a lot because it can sink into your mouth. It doesn’t taste that good, just put a little bit on your lips and you’ll wake up with naturally moisturized lips. You can just put it while you’re doing your makeup too, either way, you’re gonna get really moisturized lips. The other way you can use Argan oil on your lips is actually mixing it with a little bit of sugar. You can use just plain white sugar or something more natural, organic or whatever you want but you can mix a little bit of Argan oil with sugar and just use it as an exfoliating lip scrub. That combination is not only going to exfoliate your lips, it also going to moisturize them.