Argan Oil Uses–Is it really “liquid old”?

Argan Oil Uses–Is it really “liquid old”?

Pure Argan oil, popularly called “liquid gold” is extracted from the Argania Spinosa tree, which is indigenous to Morocco. It takes about 12 to 20 hours to hand press just one liter of this oil form the kernels of this tree. For centuries, Moroccan women have known the benefits of this oil both for health and beauty, and it’s just in the recent years that their secret of argan oil uses spilled on to the rest of the world.

Hand pressing of kennels to extract Argan oil is both an economic and a cultural practice in Morocco. The discovery by scientists that this oil is rich in vitamin F and E, and has an equal fat content as olive oil has brought it to the limelight. It has been proven to be a natural antioxidant, and is also useful as a beauty product.

  • Getting Argan Oil

Argan oil is extracted from the nuts grown by the tree. Native Berber women of Morocco crack the nuts by hand, before extracting the seed and grinding it to extract the oil. It can take a full day’s work to extract just a small quantity of this wonderful oil. Argan oil uses are plentiful, and therefore the exhausting process of extraction is well worth it in the end.

  • Argan Oil and Health

Many people have begun using raw organic Argan oil in their cooking, and it is traditionally used in a Moroccan breakfast dish called Amlou. Also, the crushed nuts can be used on toast (like peanut butter), or as a dip for bread, or to accompany vegetables, fish, salad or other foods. Eating argan oil has been proven to help digestion, and also protects the liver, heart and the gall bladder.

  • Argan Oil and Beauty

The exotic, Moroccan-endemic Argan oil is one of the most popular ingredients and solo products in the market of beauty and wellness today. But aside from the anti-wrinkling properties of this beauty and wellness product, there are plenty of other uses for it.

This “miracle oil” from Morocco has an eighty percent essential acids that are fatty that can be used for inflammation reduction, and also has squalene that makes our skins softer. It also has phytosterols that protect our valuable collagen, and compounds that are phenolic in nature and that protect us from nasty free radicals. These compounds found in argan oil make it one of the most dynamic and best beauty ingredient to have around when one wants their physical looks to be more natural, or for those people that want to save up on those expensive beauty products. Here are top 10 argan oil uses that will make you run for it the minute you finish reading this article.

  1. Softening dry and cracked skin – This oil possesses a high percentage of fatty acids that are unsaturated, compared to the traditionally used shea butter. This makes argan oil the best moisturizer for your face, body, and hands. Reviews have testimonies of people who saw a great improvement in their skin texture just after a few weeks of using argan oil. The oil increases the elasticity of the skin and keep it well hydrated thereby minimizing the adverse effects of weather.
  2. Preventing stretch marks – Use argan oil just like how you use your ordinary stretch mark cream. The argan oil easily absorbs and does not leave residues. It protects the skin from UV rays  and is one of the argan oil uses that is most popular with people who have suffered from sunburn and other types of burns.
  3. Scar lightening – Argan oil can help reduce acne marks and scars with regular use. This is because it naturally regulated the production of sebum and balances the skins ph. This oil is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog the pores in the skin to create pimples or bumps that will leave a scar when healed.
  4. Relieves psoriasis and eczema – Argan oil is one of Earth’s richest sources of natural Vitamin E, making it an excellent method for relieving skin conditions.
  5. Hair Conditioning – Argan oil has excellent moisturizing capabilities, making it an excellent intensive conditioner for human hair, and could also be applied for split ends.
  6. Alleviation of itchy, dry scalp – Apply argan oil to your scalp and use a warm towel to wrap your head for about half an hour or during the whole night to remove irritation.
  7. For babies – Argan oil is a relatively mild oil that can be used on babies…yes, even new borns. The oil will make your babies smooth and saple and it’s in very rare cases that a baby will react with the oil. It’s however important to contact a children specialist before you try out the oil on your baby for the first time.

Argan oil can be used for culinary purposes. This wonder oil has not just found its place in the beauty industry but also in the kitchen. It contains about 70 calories per teaspoon and has no cholesterol, sodium or trans fat. Moreover, when incorporated into a diet, argan oil can improve a variety of health conditions including stabling blood pressure, muscle pain, arthritis and obesity among others. Not only does this oil guard against inflammatory diseases, it also improves blood circulation and boosts the body’s immune system. Argan oil has been said to help reduce the incidences of certain cancers such as prostate cancer.

  • Why Try Argan Oil

The entire world is going bananas over argan oil and you should definitely hop on this train.  Argan oil uses are versatile. Testimonies have been given of glowing skin, relief from intestinal sicknesses, stronger hair and nails, among other benefits.

Argan oil has been a nourishing ingredient for civilizations over centuries. The un-pressed oil in kernels can last for more than 20 years while the pressed one can be stored for three to six months. This oil is potent and a “miracle”. It may be all that you need on your beauty shelf, or your kitchen drawer or both.



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